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Thursday, September 22, 2005

12:22PM - 79*WPM is no more...

I have officially decided that 79*WPM is no more. I simply was not receiving enough submissions. Lately, I have been getting paid for my writing, so the incentive to contribute largely to the publication myself has dwindled.

Thanks to all of the folks that did help and write on it. Please feel free to add me, Tara (madrigalblue) to your friends lists if you haven't already.

thepaperbackwriter.com is now my professional website.

Thank you!

Tara (aka Echo)

Tuesday, November 2, 2004


Fall 2004: Politics & the Sounds of Society

Thursday, October 14, 2004


Readers, Writers, Poets Artists, Musicians, and Literary Enthusiasts:

79*Words*Per*Minute, a literary e-zine, is once again active! We are preparing for a deluge of submissions for our largest issue ever--a theme issue. If you are not familiar with our e-zine (which will now also be distributed in print form--check the website in the next week for more information), we accept submissions in the forms of essay, story, serial novel, various forms of media, and music.

We also love to feature artists and musicians, and would love to promote YOUR work for free!

Our mission has always been to serve as a forum of accomplishment and recognition for our readers in the academic and artistic communities; it is people in these communities that give voices to those that need them.

Therefore, it is with great pride that I announce our Fall 2004 theme issue of 79*WPM: Politics and Society. In addition to themed submissions, we are also actively accepting any other material within our normal guidelines for submission.

We are particularly looking for voices not often heard on TV: Are you a registered independent voting for Kerry? Would you like to defend President Bush's stance on the war in Iraq? Can you outline and explain Kerry's position on the war? Can you defend your stance in voting for a third party candidate? Do corporations run the show? How do politics work in your non-US country? Should the electoral college be eliminated? Is Bush a dictator? Did you protest? Are you an undecided voter? Have you been to Iraq, and are you willing to describe the conditions there? These are the types of issues we'd like to see covered.

Submissions should be no less than 500 words and no more than 3,000 words. Additionally, they should follow our regular guidelines. Submissions are due October 21st, 2004, to establish a viable web presence before election day in the US. We also seriously welcome contributors from other nations and we are proud to have published international material in the past!

Due to the serious nature of our theme, we are also requesting nonpolitical submissions on the themes of fall. Lastly, we will be featuring a music review section, and seek three to five more submissions to fill it.

To access 79*WPM's previous issues, as well as submission guidelines and rules, please visit http://www.thepaperbackwriter.com and click on 'Zine.'

79*WPM now pays by print author copy (one per published author). If you would like to receive a hard copy upon possible publication, please be sure to include your address with your submission.

Please forward this message on to anyone who might be interested in reading or writing for 79*WPM. Questions? Email SeventyNineWPM@aol.com for more information!


Sunday, August 10, 2003


I just reviewed my website stats. Seems like a lot of people are checking out Paul ( as always ), Lan, and 79*WPM. Ironically, the huge PDF file that is now the 'zine takes up about the same amount of space/views as each html document. Apparently most people that visit the site visit the whole thing. This is encouraging news indeed:)

This is also a reminder that we are accepting Late Summer edition submissions!

For more details, www.thepaperbackwriter.com/79wpm

12:03AM - Contest

Hi everyone - I am currently running two writing contests on my webpage. Please check it out at http://www.snapebits.net

Friday, August 1, 2003


URL might help... http://www.thepaperbackwriter.com/79wpm


79*Words*Per*Minute has been updated and is actively seeking submissions again! Please check it out and consider contributing!

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

3:24AM - 79*WPM seeking submissions...

79*Words*Per*Minute seeking your work...

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