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79*WPM seeking submissions...

79*Words*Per*Minute seeking your work...

79*Words*Per*Minute, ( located at http://www.thepaperbackwriter.com/79wpm ) is seeking submissions for its Spring/Summer edition. The 'zine, normally published online seasonally, is now publishing a print 'zine in addition to the regular online content. 79*WPM pays contributors in copies. We have a need for ART, particularly photography. Also seeking: poetry, short fiction (no fan fic for print edition, please), commentary, rants, even really good journal entries if they are interesting enough.

To get a feel for the type of material we are looking for, please view the website. Complete submission guidelines are also available there. Please note that we also publish all author info, links, etc. and we love to promote our contributors as much as possible.

Please direct all questions to madrigalblue or email her at sgtpprsgrl@hotmail.com.
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